Serviced Apartments

Pack your suitcase, drive to Vienna, find a turn-key, i.e. fully equipped, apartment waiting and ready. And move out again next week – or stay longer. Just as you prefer.

So beautiful. So simple.

In Vienna, too, the demand for serviced apartments is continuing to rise.

The flexibility of timing, cleverly laid out floor plans and individualised services (e.g. cleaning) are convincing more and more people. Not to mention, the usual investment costs of deposit, commission, furnishings, etc. are no longer necessary.

Let an apartment for a limited time.

We are currently building up a chain of around 60 locations in Vienna and the surrounding area. Our serviced apartments impress with individual designer furnishings, local concierges and a central booking platform.

All this at competitive prices of course.

Be demanding, see for yourself the future of living and click through our current projects such as Villenapartments Klosterneuburg, Gartenpark Korneuburg and Appartments Ketzergasse.

Further projects are currently under development. We will gladly keep you up to date.

Serviced Apartments




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Residential real estate 

Classic residential construction is still booming. Particularly in conurbations such as Vienna, the housing market continuously demands new properties.

We are particularly proud of the projects we have already successfully completed, such as Kahlenbergerdorf and the new Jägerstraße 58.

In Jägerstrasse alone, 192 low-cost apartments with a direct subway connection were created in a pulsating “Grätzel” – or residential area – thanks to the building lease model. About 30% of these are used by the buyers themselves and about 70% are rented out as investor apartments.

Exclusive living in Vienna.

In the upmarket residential segment, the Villenpark Eichgraben and Gartenpark Korneuburg projects are currently (i.e. as of January 2020) being realised. Thanks to our innovative concept, we can offer buyers a selection of different levels of furnishing and completion. This way, we ensure exceptional flexibility and exclusivity – with guaranteed cost security.

For further information please click here.  

Assisted living 

Maintain independence. Enjoy the twilight years while living in your own four walls as long as possible.

With this as our inspiration, we plan and develop charming apartments for assisted living.

Find out more about our current projects here

Betreutes Wohnen


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