Penthouse Raffael

Finally. Your dream is coming true. When only your own key locks in the lift, you have made it to the top. Your heart beats faster. How many times have you imagined this first time in your mind? You enter. High ceilings, light-flooded rooms, with window fronts that offer a fantastic view of the whole city.

Clear lines and modern design – exactly to my taste!

In your mind you furnish your workspace and library. Relax and treat yourself to a glass of champagne, well chilled from the wine cabinet. With this feeling of happiness, you hurry up the stairs to your roof terrace. What a majestic feeling, when the pulsating city lies at your feet.

Up here, the view quickly creates a boundless feeling of freedom. A change of perspective that is inspiring. You swim a few lengths in the pool. Relax in your lounge area and sip your oysters with pleasure. A tingling feeling like magic.

You have arrived and are enjoying life with all your senses. Expect a unique way of living. In the Penthouse Raffael.


Don’t wait to get in touch. Sanela Hatic is looking forward to meeting you:

Phone: +43 677 634 689 52


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