History of Freihof

The history of Freihof can be traced till the late middle ages, but Freihof was first mentioned in the oldest register of the Kahlenbergerdorf in 1455. During this time period Freihof had one floor and two to three interior spaces. In 1630 Georg Langenauer started to build two floors in the southern part of the building. The Chorherrenstift Klosterneuburg bought the building in 1646 and connected the old ruin with the main property. This time period also included the construction of the cistern. The completion of the facade took place in 1710. Further conversion works were made until 1762, after Freihof was bought from the village judge Caspar Köttner. The Chorherrenstift Klosterneuburg repossesses Freihof in 1646. During this time the emblem of the former provost Gebhard Koberger was mounted above the entrance. After restoration works of the facade in 1970 there have been just a few adaptions for the following 50 years.

Freihof: today

The complete renovation works started in the past year (2020) in cooperation with the construction company Herbert Bau. Furthermore, during the reconstruction the top floor has been expanded and the facade was rebuilt. The main objective is to rebuild Freihof true to original and to preserve the architecture.
Until the end of July 2022 in Freihof will be built 11 residential units, that will be rented as high-quality comfort-ready flats.

High-quality design - modern features

The flats in Freihof combine modern design with  comfortable atmosphere.

The excellent SLX from SieMatic provides the elegant extra. Pleasant structures and fine materials like genuine wood and ceramics combined in an extraordinary design impress by their presence. Redesigned backlit recessed grips create a special lightning concept. The color temperature and the brightness of the SLX can be defined and controlled by the clients. All our flats in Freihof will be equipped with a SLX marble kitchen from SieMatic, to offer a unique living experience.

More information of the SieMatic SLX kitchen:
SieMatic SLX kitchen | Redefined handleless design | SieMatic

Current situation of the restoration in Freihof // November, 2021

If you have any questions or you are interested in our comfort-ready flats in Freihof, please don't hesitate to contact Ms Sabrina Najjar:

+43 664 45 49 032


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